NO, Ludwig Global is a private organization. Through the model of a Dynamic and Pure Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Model, we creates great opportunity creativity towards making life easier for all, build your fortune, not someone`s else, building your income, and you continuously live a rich and rewarding life. Ergo, this is not a Ponzi or a Pyramid scheme. We pay our members who would like to involve in affiliate marketing through our compensation to earn a befitting living.
YES, being a registered Company with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC), and as required by the Nigeria Constitution, we have accomplished all business and legal obligation to carryout business activities in the country.
Our services are for real. Our INTEGRITY is most important to us.
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Our matrix is 2x2 at ENTRY stage, and 2x3 for all subsequent stages.
To become a member of LUDWIGS GLOBAL , contact our member who introduced the business opportunity to you and let him/her provide you with the registration details. On the other hand, you can contact our support on 07067661584.
Make payments into any of our bank accounts, and send email to indicating the following details:

1.Name of Depositor

2.Amount Deposited

3.Date of Deposit

4.Bank of Deposit

5.Username where e-wallet will be credited

Your e-wallet will be credited within 24 hours

Being a registered member, click REGISTER MEMBER from your BACKOFFICE page and you will see the registration form.
Go to the Login page and click on “forgot password” and you will be directed to input your email address and username. This email address is the one that you used for your registration. You will receive a link in your email.
Genealogy is the tree that shows your network. It shows all those under you.
Via a withdrawal to your Local Bank Account as provided in our database. Please be aware that a bank transfer charge applies to all withdrawals.
Your account balance is displayed on your dashboard at the BACKOFFICE as “e-wallet” and “Commission Wallet” at login.
This is your simulated cash that can only be used for registration. It is the virtual cash in trade for your physical cash for online registration on our website.
This is your actual earnings for participating in our Compensation plan by introducing others to join and benefits from the company. This contains the sum total of your referral bonus, step-in-bonus, and step-out bonus.
It’s a NO, you cannot withdraw your e-wallet; it’s limited for registration but can be transferred to another member for such purpose as stated.
It’s a YES. Your commission wallet is what you’ve worked for, and earnings and can be withdrawn to your Local Bank account or transferred to interested member for cash out purpose.
We do not use pins to register, we use e-wallet to register and can be gotten through the Company or any registered member.
Of course, YES. Multiple accounts are allowed inasmuch you can manage them.
This is the tree that shows all members under your matrix in the system